The elevator system with two independent cabins in a single shaft.

TWIN is the first elevator system with two independent cars in one shaft – at the same conveyance capacity and with 25% space savings. This one-of-a-kind system opens up entirely new traffic concepts and sets new standards in high performance.

Both TWIN® cabins travel above one another on the same guide rails – each equipped with its own elevator drive pulley. TWIN® is ideally suited for building heights between 50 and 200 metres and boasts a TÜV-tested safety concept to satisfy even the most stringent requirements.

A central component of this system is the intelligent thyssenkrupp controller Destination Selection Control (DSC); it ensures that the elevator group coordinates perfectly. Your travel direction and your destination are recorded before you enter the cabin. Simply press the desired floor on the display and Destination Selection Control selects the most appropriate elevator and shows it to you on the screen.

Advantages at a glance

  • Construction volume is saved
  • Additional space is available for productive use
  • More conveyance capacity with the same number of elevator shafts
TWIN® film