The 24-hour emergency call and remote monitoring system.

As the operator of an elevator system, it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone trapped in your elevator is released in accordance with legally-binding regulations. With our Teleservice, you enjoy all-round protection should this scenario occur.

Teleservice continuously monitors your elevator via remote data diagnosis. The emergency call system is connected to a control room, where, in the event of a malfunction, your elevator is identified and further measures are initiated. Within a very short time, faults can be remedied and functions re-activated. And should someone need to be released, we’re on site in a flash.

Teleservice at a glance

  • Fastest release of passengers, thanks to our close-knit service network and emergency service
  • Immediate response to malfunctions and emergencies is possible
  • Remote diagnosis and misuse detection prevent unnecessary service calls
  • Time and cost savings due to individually designed alarm plans
  • Usage analysis and optimisation by evaluating the elevator data
  • Optional additional monitoring of building services (e.g. alarm and fire alarm systems)
  • Communication costs are taken over by GSM module (analogue telephone is not required)