Replacement systems

Compact. Adaptable. Powerful.

If you are replacing your old elevator system, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of options – with or without a machine room.

The challenge in replacement is that every elevator shaft is different; door spaces and ceiling openings vary from building to building. To maintain your building’s support structure, it makes sense to keep the ceiling openings and door lintel supports as they are – and to use the existing rail fastening systems, if possible.

We take "made to measure" very seriously. Our system solutions, available in increments of one millimetre, make the best possible use of the existing shaft and avoid additional masonry, cutting and painting. This not only limits your costs, it also reduces the amount of dust and noise produced by the modernisation.

Our solutions range from very small elevator systems to our high-end TWIN® system. The latter offers entirely new possibilities for expanding transport capacity within the same shaft footprint.

Your advantages at a glance

  • No changes are made to the building’s support structure
  • Highly-flexible use of individual existing assemblies
  • Ideal use of available space
  • Reduced construction work on site
  • Shorter fitting times
  • Less noise and dust