Uniquely individual. Thanks to the many options.

The choice is yours. Each of our passenger elevators is always tailored to its respective application. thyssenkrupp systems feature a long service life, individual design and extremely high efficiency. Because intelligent energy recovery technology pays off in the long run.

Passenger elevators at a glance

  • synergy
    The basic elevator at a fair price.
  • synergy BLUE
    The attractively designed, cost- and energy-efficient elevator forindividual dimensions.
  • evolution® blue

    The super-flexible elevator system for high loads and conveyance heights.
  • UNIQ

    The elevator for individual special requirements.

    The extra-fast elevator for buildings with many storeys.

    The double-cabin elevator with a higher conveyance capacity.
  • TWIN

    The elevator system with two independent cabins in a single shaft.

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