Offshore applications

Rugged enough for the toughest jobs

Oil rigs and other offshore structures such as windmills pose numerous challenges. Our heavy-duty offshore passenger and service elevators are specifically designed to address the risks of harsh and hazardous environments. At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we design, manufacture, install and service the elevators you need to get the job done in the roughest seas and storms.

Our powerful hydraulic and traction elevators dependably move crews and materials between decks around the clock. Our lifts are highly flexible and readily integrated into your offshore site.

24/7 technical support

Whatever the size, capacity or configuration you need, our offshore elevators will handle the job, safely, efficiently and reliably. Our experienced offshore technicians ensure your elevators stay that way too.

We maintain, overhaul and refit all types and makes of offshore elevators around the globe. Our in-depth understanding of the oil sector’s rigorous safety regulations translate into time and cost savings for you. We work effectively with the notifying bodies to help you secure the approvals needed for certification to keep things flowing.

From our elevators to our technicians, we’re tough and dependable.