Truly trendsetting. Thanks to continuous development.

You can expect innovative ideas and cutting-edge functions in our moving walks, as we continuously strive to meet our customers’ growing demands. Our product range lets you choose from unique drive systems and a wide array of design and advertising options.

Our newest innovations

iwalk – Our innovative, modular moving walk system is particularly easy to install and adapt to individual requirements. The compact moving walk features a flexible length and an extremely small shipping volume. What’s more, the flat design is ideally suited for retrofitting and can be mounted nearly flush with existing structures.

EEC – The Energy Efficiency Controller (EEC) is our newest sustainability option. It was designed with commercial applications in mind. The intelligent controller responds to the status of the escalator or moving walk. Power consumption is adapted to the system’s current load. Energy-saving mode is activated if the load is at or under 50% of the system’s capacity.
Our EEC was developed for a very ecological and economical escalator. The system detects how many people are on the escalator and adjusts energy consumption accordingly.