Marine applications

Helping you deliver a flawless experience

Your passengers, including those with reduced mobility, expect a flawless experience from the moment they embark on your ferry, supply and service ship or luxury cruise vessel to the final disembarkment. Our marine elevators and advanced technologies help you provide the seamless experience today’s passengers demand.

We pull out all the stops to deliver solutions that are ultra-comfortable, -accessible, -reliable and -quiet. Standard and customised passenger and service elevators that optimise the space available on-board. That ensure the efficient flow of people, luggage and provisions between decks. That keep crews and goods safe while standing up to even the harshest marine environments.

Make your vision a reality

Whether you need a striking panoramic elevator or a simple lift, we work closely with you to make your vision a reality. A broad selection of materials and design options, along with high-quality components, give you the freedom to make your elevator cabin interiors as unique as your vessel.

From ferries to luxury ships, our space- and energy-efficient solutions move people and goods smoothly and cost effectively around the clock. Intelligent traffic control systems optimise your elevators’ operating efficiency and minimise waiting times. Our industry-leading regenerative drives feed energy back into your elevator system for reduced energy consumption and costs. And we pride ourselves on delivering as promised – on time and within your budget.

No marine environment is too rough for our standardised and highly customised elevators. Our Achilles JQS-approved solutions perform reliably around the clock, meeting the highest standards and ensuring your peace of mind whatever the weather and seas.

We’re proud to help keep your passengers smiling and safe.

Reference project

Ulstein 310 Service Offshore Vessel

1 Service Elevator/ 1000kg Capacity/ 1 m/s speed/ 4 stops

Rules & Requirements:

  • EN81/ ISO8383
  • DNV GL