The modular moving walk system, particularly easy to install.

iwalk sets new standards. This innovative moving walk system offers a modular structure, versatile applications and enormous flexibility. iwalk will fit anywhere, and its slim dimensions require very little construction work. Its technical features ensure low energy consumption, less environmental impact and thus a more favourable carbon footprint.

The iwalk’s wider pallets offer users more safety and ride comfort, making it easier to transport large items such as trolleys. With its modern, sleek design, the iwalk also makes for a very appealing architectural solution and can be easily integrated in your project.

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy to adapt and install, light in weight, very flexible planning
  • High energy efficiency thanks to energy recovery system
  • Comfortable and safe, with long balustrades and wider pallets while
maintaining the exterior dimensions
  • Almost entirely recyclable and thus very easy on the environment
  • Innovative pallet belt with efficient drive for smooth, safe transport
  • Low risk of tripping thanks to reduced comb segment height
  • State-of-the-art design with flat entrance area and invisible connectors
iwalk film