evolution® blue

The elevator that sets new standards.

With its forward-thinking design concept and top-class technology, evolution® blue is not only a trendsetter, it’s a step ahead of the future.

Whether you’re installing a new system or modernising, evolution® blue perfectly fits your building’s shaft – down to the millimetre – and fulfils your every wish in terms of design. Our advanced, modular concept features over 7000 possible combinations of colours and materials that can be easily exchanged and adapted to your specific needs.



  • Intelligent, modular elevator system is infinitely adjustable
  • Customised cabin dimensions through adjustments by the millimeter
  • Efficient use of space with optimally fitted technology (shaft efficiency up to 69%)
  • Reduced shaft head (-13%*) and pit (-72%**)
  • Infinitely adjustable nominal load range from 320 to 4.000 kg
  • Maximum speed of up to 3 m/s
  • Ideal for elevator groups with up to 32 systems

* ISO shaft in standart shaft dimensions. evolution® blue has a nominal load of 1.250 kg.
** Load capacity 1.000 kg (Q <= 1.000 kg)

Energy recovery

  • Energy and cost savings of up to 40% while travelling
  • The energy recovered is distributed for use within your building

Power management

  • Standby mode saves costs and energy up to 86%
  • Significantly reduced CO2 emission
  • Elevator automatically switches off when not in use (sleep mode)
  • Drive dimensions optimized for your specific application
  • Door opening times adapt to traffic volumes

Absolute positioning device

  • Floor leveling to within a millimeter mini mises trip hazard
  • No recalibration required after a power failure

Elevator operation and control system

  • Short response times and optimum service communication through Internet connection with self-diagnosis
  • Increased efficiency and minimal waiting times thanks to learning function and smooth interaction within the group

Design philosophy

  • Modular bi-materials and bi-colours open up more than 7.000 cabin variations
  • Maximum customization, e.g. individualised cabin paneling or use of glass elements


1Bi-Material and bi-colour effects

  • Large choice of combinations thanks to the vast range of materials and colours

2Design replacement

  • Intelligent fastening technology allows design elements to be quickly and smoothly exchanged
  • Cabin design can be easily adapted to current colour and material trends


  • Flexible use of glass elements (doors and cabins) for more light, a better view and insight into the technology


  • Recyclable, durable components and top-class materials

5Lighting effects

  • Individual lighting moods for ceiling, operating panel and skirting
  • In combination with E.COR, lighting effects can be adapted to complement the building´s environment and architecture

Ride comfort

  • Minimal vibration and noise development thanks to sandwich technology and high material rigidity: in cabin (< 50dB) and in adjacent rooms (<= 25 dB)
  • Door drive with fast closing and opening for more travelling capacity and short waiting times

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evolution® blue’s design concept

The sophisticated, highly flexible evolution® blue design concept with its three design lines opens up an unprecedented range of creative possibilities.

With more than 7000 design options, you’re free to select colours, forms and materials in almost any combination. And that’s not all – our specialists will also construct cabins to suit your individual requirements.

  • Wide array of materials and colours for freedom of design
  • Bespoke wall elements are easy to exchange
  • High-class, durable and environmentally friendly materials
  • Clean, modern lines and trendsetting lighting

  • Multifaceted choice of top-quality materials and colours
  • Exciting light effects through dynamic RGB LEDs and indirect lighting
  • Textured surfaces for a tactile and sensual experience

  • Fascinating blend of classic and futuristic elements
  • Extravagant, prestigious look
  • Mood lighting with indirect, dynamic RGB LEDs
  • Structured surfaces for a feeling of exclusivity


The technology of evolution® blue.

evolution® blue stands for intelligent technology that helps you boost your system’s efficiency, reliability and safety while reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In standby mode, the system uses up to 86% less energy, thanks to E.COR.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Innovative technology makes optimum use of available space
  • Adjustments by the millimetre for highest flexiblity
  • Durable, future-proof components and high-performance systems
  • Intelligent technologies – easy on your budget and on the environment
evolution® blue FILM
evolution® blue DESIGN FILM