Headed for the future. Thanks to continuous development.

thyssenkrupp Aufzüge is known for its quality, state-of-the-art technology, modern design and prize-winning visions. We continuously work to perfect individual components, which means we keep improving our escalators’ functionality, appearance and efficiency in trend-setting ways. Because the technical demands on peripherals increase at least as quickly as the demands on the architecture itself. And we like to stay several steps ahead.

Our newest innovations

  • e-escalator

    e-escalator is the new escalator generation with unparalleled high availability. The world’s first "Internet escalator" sets new standards and opens up an array of innovative service options.
  • Bus system

    A newly-developed, TÜV-certified bus system reduces the numerous cables required for safety and monitoring sensors to a single bus cable. What’s more, with expanded software options, all system-specific operation data can be recorded easily and in great detail.
  • Comb segment monitoring

    This patented acoustic monitoring records and communicates the comb segments’ status via the bus system – visual monitoring by the operator is a thing of the past.
  • Skirt brushes

    If regulations call for it, the e-escalator can be equipped with specially-designed skirt brushes at the plant.