evolution 300 elevator
Powerful and customizable

Thanks to its forward-thinking design and best-in-class technology, our evolution 300 passenger elevator is both a trendsetter and a giant step ahead. Whether you're installing a new system or modernising an existing one, it fits your building's shaft perfectly – right down to the millimetre. From luxury condos and hotels to hospitals, airports and malls, evolution 300 is sure to exceed your expectations.

Its advanced, modular design concept features thousands of combinations of colours and materials that you can interchange and adapt to your specific vision and needs.
Let your creativity flow!

evolution 300. Designed for top performance.

100 m

Travel height

2.5 m/s

Maximum speed

4,000 kg

Maximum capacity

An absolutely perfect fit

With its to-the-millimetre precision, you won’t find a passenger elevator that offers greater shaft efficiency and adaptability in any type of building.

The future of innovation today

Next-generation technologies and technical innovations translate into superior functionality. Other reasons to invest in the future? evolution 300’s durable, future-proof components and high-performance systems.

Thousands of possibilities

A sophisticated modular design lets you mix and match colours and materials, choosing from thousands of possible combinations, to create your own unique elevator. Enjoy total design freedom at last!

An intelligent space-saving precision design, including a significantly reduced shaft head and pit, are your guarantee of superior flexibility and fit.

Energy regeneration during travelling delivers Class A energy efficiency.

Excellent power management reduces CO2 emissions and prolongs components’ service life.

German design and manufacturing include advanced technologies and the highest quality materials for greater reliability and passenger satisfaction.

Excellent shaft efficiency, longer service life of components and reduced maintenance requirements ensure lower total cost of ownership.

Thanks to our scaffoldless installation technique, your lift is installed, tested for ride quality and ready to go in less time.

Compliance with EN 81-70 and a bright cabin interior ensure optimal accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our advanced control system reduces cabin and switching noise, making the lift quieter than a whisper in adjoining rooms.

Innovative and environmentally friendly technologies ensure a sound and sustainable return on your investment.


With evolution 300, you can allow your imagination free rein. The elevator features ultraflexiblefittings that allow you to tailor the cabin design according to your needs. It isavailable with design lines A, B or C, which offer a great variety of options - from functionalto the highest quality materials, ensuring that your cabin looks good for longer.

Design line A

The 24 predesigned cabins of Design line A create a unique and exclusive atmosphere, using high-quality materials such as glass, patterned laminates or stainless steel.

Design line B

Characterized by high-quality laminates andstainless steel, the 31 predesigned cabins of design line B can be easily adapted to your architecture.

Design line C

These clean and neutral predesigned cabinscreate calm and durable environments, easily integrated into the building’s different functions. Choose between stainless steel and laminate walls and an optional glass rear wall.

Find the right dimension for your evolution 300

Make the most of your building space and find the optimal dimensions for your new synergy 200 cabin. For new installations, you can simply find the smallest possible shaft dimensions for a specific cabin size. For modernization projects, you can easily optimize the cabin size to fit a particular shaft.

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