evolution 200 elevator
High-performance and flexibility

evolution 200 is the performance solution for mid-rise commercial buildings that require to deliver a perfect experience in design and convenience (ride-comfort).

evolution 200. Performance to elevate your building's premium.

100 m

Travel height

2,5 m/s

Maximum speed

2.500 kg


Flexible cabin dimensions

evolution 200 is the ideal solution for mid-traffic commercial buildings with high demands regarding design and performance. Thanks to its flexible dimensions, it is also perfect for modernization.

Uncompromised reliability

Featuring the latest technology, evolution 200 delivers powerful and reliable performance for mid-traffic buildings to ensure uninterrupted availability - a must in commercial applications.

High performance and comfort

evolution 200 operates powerful but very quietly and with low vibration. A landing accuracy of +/- 1 mm ensures safe and comfortable access for passengers.

Whether you choose standard dimensions for overhead and pit or a version with reduced dimensions - evolution 200 is best-in-class. In addition to the available standard cabin dimensions, you can match the cabin size to the shaft in 50 mm steps.

Economical and powerful – not a contradiction for evolution 200. The latest thyssenkrupp technology (like the energy efficient machine, LED lighting and smart energy management) uses less energy than other elevators with the same performance.

evolution 200 operates very quietly and at very low vibration levels. Smooth acceleration and deceleration make the elevator ride a pleasant experience.

Select one of 66 predesigned cabin interiors that are available in the A, B and C design lines or tailor the cabin design to your needs with our custom-fit solutions. Choose from high-quality materials like stainless steel, laminate or glass walls in wide range of finishes and colors.

High performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and no contaminant lubricants. As an option, you can choose a machine that allows up to 240 connections or starts per hour to manage increased traffic volumes.

Dynamic group control for a group of up to 8 cars. Optional Destination Selection Control for reduced waiting time and increased capacity. Monitoring for performance management of the elevators.

Reliable, fast and safe door operation for side opening and central opening doors.

evolution 200 is engineered and tested by experienced thyssenkrupp engineers. We guarantee a long-lasting product with optimum performance for your needs.


evolution 200 comes with a flexible range of finishes. It provides endless design possibilities to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. From functional to top-quality materials, the cabins stay looking good for longer. evolution 200 is available with design line A, B or C, as well as custom-fit solutions.

Design line A

The 24 predesigned cabins of Design line A create a unique and exclusive atmosphere, using high-quality materials such as glass, patterned laminates or stainless steel.

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Design line B

Characterized by high-quality laminates andstainless steel, the 31 predesigned cabins of design line B can be easily adapted to your architecture.

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Design line C

These clean and neutral predesigned cabinscreate calm and durable environments, easily integrated into the building’s different functions. Choose between stainless steel and laminate walls and an optional glass rear wall.

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Find the right dimension for your evolution 200

Make the most of your building space and find the optimal dimensions for your new evolution 200 cabin. For new installations, you can simply find the smallest possible shaft dimensions for a specific cabin size. For modernization projects, you can easily optimize the cabin size to fit a particular shaft.

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