Trend-setting. Thanks to continuous development.

In every industry, high demands require a partner who offers exciting, innovative solutions and convincing quality, design and function – across the board.

thyssenkrupp Aufzüge is one of the world’s leading elevator companies because we always incorporate the latest research into our development work and manufacture all our elevator systems in our own plant. Put us to the test.

Our innovations at a glance

  • TWIN®
is the first elevator system with two independent cars in one shaft – at the same conveyance capacity and with 25% space savings. This one-of-a-kind system opens up entirely new traffic concepts and sets new standards in high performance.
  • E.COR
is the intelligent controller for the new generation of elevators. Thanks to its energy recovery mechanism, it moves you toward a more energy-efficient future.
  • Destination Selection Control (DSC)
At the press of the call button, Destination Selection Control records the desired travel direction as well as the passenger’s destination floor.
  • The new synergy® blue
The innovative, cost-effective solution.
The solution with customised design and technology.