Control technology

Future-proof, high-performance systems ensure optimum journeys.

Powerful, responsive, intelligent – with our new control technology, we’ll quickly and efficiently bring your elevator system up to date.

The product family Thyssocontrol Multican (TCM) forms the ideal foundation for modernising your system. Its powerful design with numerous standard functions can be expanded to incorporate user-specific features. What’s more, a variety of additions such as destination selection, announcements, access control and communication devices ensure that your elevator is up to speed – literally and figuratively.

Destination Selection Control (DSC)

Our Destination Selection Control offers much more than conventional controllers. At the press of the call button, DSC records the desired travel direction as well as the passenger’s destination floor. Based on this information, the controller then selects the most suitable elevator from the group.


Announcements ensure targeted, barrier-free use. You can also provide other important information to passengers in the cabin.

Access control

From simple key switches to sophisticated, comprehensive solutions – we’ll help you integrate existing access control systems or incorporate one of the solutions developed by thyssenkrupp.

Communication devices

In the event of an emergency, communication devices, such as the emergency call, are absolutely essential. Communication devices can also transmit data for specific evaluations.

Special requirements

Elevator controllers must function properly under all conditions, even in areas making special demands. Fire brigade elevators, continuous elevators and elevators with special explosion protection are just a few examples.

Interface and control technology

To integrate a new elevator controller in an existing building successfully, you need flexible interfaces. Only then can a wide range of drive systems, door drives and other elevator accessories be connected intelligently. We offer flexible, high-efficiency controls that achieve optimum performance in combination with new or existing drives.

Frequency converter

Our frequency converter series (VVVF) with a high switching frequency is responsible for efficiency and extremely smooth running. It offers energy savings, easing the load on the grid with a low inrush current, and represents high efficiency on all levels, especially in combination with our drives.

System solutions

Our MCM controller families offer a system solution especially designed for modernisation projects: from MCMx for electric elevators to MCMh for our hydraulic elevator systems.