Advanced components

Perfection, down to the smallest detail.

If you’re looking for first-class components, you’ve come to the right place. We’re pleased to offer high-quality elevator components with flexible interfaces for use in existing structures and systems. Individually or in combinations.

thyssenkrupp elevator systems are developed out of our commitment to highest quality. You’ll find this commitment reflected in the efficiency, safety, innovation, reliability and convenience of every one of our products. The fruit of dynamic development processes close to the market, all our elevator components combine to form perfectly-matched, intelligent system solutions.

Essential components at a glance

  • Control technology

    Intelligent, future-proof, high-performance controllers for optimum rides.
  • Communication

    Permanent monitoring and fast response times for ideal system usage.
  • Drives
    Drive solutions that offer a long service life and an outstanding value for money.
  • Cabin design

    Options that perfectly meld functionality, design and your individual vision.
  • Doors and access control

    Reliable door systems that guarantee maximum safety and optimum availability.
  • Control elements
Innovative control elements and displays that redefine usability, accessibility and more.
  • Safety components and accessories

    Additional assemblies for elevator shafts and machine rooms, including individual components for making the corrections stipulated in safety evaluations.