Intelligent functions for individual demands.

Communication devices offer many advantages: maintenance costs can be minimised via remote diagnosis, usage analyses can be performed, response times shortened and additional information provided.

If you wish, our controller can monitor your elevator around the clock. That way, causes of malfunctions can be recognised quickly and smaller functional faults can be remedied via remote diagnosis. The emergency call system is connected to a control room that can identify and take over your elevator. And if you ever do need support on site, our close-knit service network ensures that expert help reaches you quickly.

What’s more, our intelligent Teleservice offers you additional functionalities such as misuse detection, or self-starting in the event of a malfunction. thyssenkrupp Monitoring – the analysis and control tool – controls and monitors elevator functions that manage up to 50 elevator systems. This ensures that your elevators are always being watched and can be adapted to individual requirements.