Modernisation solutions

Efficiency and flexibility on every scale.

Maximum quality is our top priority. And it's what inspires us to provide modernisation solutions for nearly every possible application.

You can count on our exceptionally broad range of support – from smaller retrofitting projects to full replacement systems. And if you want to increase your transport capacity, we'll even build two independent cabins, one above the other, in a single shaft.

In the ideal scenario, our work starts with a professional analysis and, together with you, an inspection of the elevator. This allows our specialists to assess the situation at your site, provide detailed advice on your modernisation options, and take all your individual wishes into account.

In very rare cases, the entire elevator must be replaced. For partial modernisation, solutions start with individual components, and even in the event of a replacement system, we enable you to take a flexible approach to the building interface. That way, no dust is created, a structural engineer's services are not required, and noisy construction work can be avoided.